Thursday, August 11, 2016

Tour de Wight

I mentioned in the intro that cycling is my primary love. If I love cycling, then my husband (Paul) lives, loves and breathes cycling. Amongst many of his endurance feats, he has cycled across Britain twice. Seriously, the man loves cycling.
This weekend, we are taking our children around the Isle of Wight..on our bikes! We have dubbed this three day holiday the 'Tour de Wight' and Paul has plotted a route which takes us from the ferry to a hotel for the first night, from that hotel to a hostel for the second night, and back down to the ferry on the third day. A total of 70 miles.
We are completely self sufficient, with Paul pulling a bike trailer - he has been very strict re weight. Everyone has one set of padded shorts, jersey, trainers and helmet to ride in. In the trailer there are two inner tubes for each bike and the trailer itself. Everyone has their own plastic bag with one complete change of clothes for the evening, a jumper, 3 lots of underwear, a swimsuit and a pair of shoes. There is universal suncream, medicines, wash kit and phone chargers. Wet weather jackets, bike locks and a track pump are bungee strapped to the outside.
I am pulling Niamh, our youngest (she is 5) on a tag a long bike, and our two 'bigs' Lochlan (9yrs old) and Brenna (known as Bebe who is 8) are on their own bikes.
We are that family!! We have matching cycle jerseys!!
Can't wait to update you on our exploits this weekend, have a good one Jeffers xxx

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