Monday, September 12, 2016

Tour de South Downs

Another gushy cycling post blogettes!

This weekend Paul and I cycled to the Sustainability Centre, with the children. The Sus centre is, amongst many things, a campsite with fire pits, composting toilets and solar showers. It's a little slice of heaven in a busy world. 
We were so spurred on by our success on the IOW that we decided to camp.. and load Paul up even further! We took everything on the bikes and if we couldn't carry it, it didn't go!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

New year, new goals

New school year that is!!
My three went back to school today, into years 1, 4 and 5.

Viks's youngest also started day one of reception, and with her eldest back at his school too, we were kid free!

So Vik and I went for run. After the obligatory new term photo of course! Absolutely smashed our first training day!!
I appear to have started a lot of things today, not least the rest of my life.. Sounds melodramatic, trust me, I know, but it's true.

In March 2013 I had surgery to put 8 pins in my spine. Spinal fusion. Before I needed surgery I was a new runner, fledgling triathlete and long distance cyclist. My husband had taken up sport 3 years previous and had excelled in long distance races. So all the time I was 'taking up sport' I was actually gritting my teeth and attempting to keep up with my husband, in case I got left behind. Or so I thought. As soon as I wasn't able to participate anymore the whole world ended. 

Only it didn't. It just took me three years, rehabilitation, depression, self pity, counselling and some sertraline to realise that the world was still running, cycling and training and that I could too. I just had to get up and do it.

So today I got up and did it. 

We went to school kitted up, dropped the kids off, then ran a loop round to the gym.

Once at thegym we did a token 1k on the treadmill

Training day one complete!! And we both came home to an email from itchen spitfires running club, officially welcoming us onto their beginners course next week. Win.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Smashed it

So we smashed the Isle of Wight! 70 miles over three days, it was EPIC!
It was tough. There were tears, but there was also such inspiration. Brenna showed such strength of character and surprised herself.
Since coming back we have planned a shorter one night trip to a campsite a bit closer to home, in September, but we will be entirely self-sufficient, carrying a tent and sleeping bags in addition to our clothes.
I can not wait.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Tour de Wight

I mentioned in the intro that cycling is my primary love. If I love cycling, then my husband (Paul) lives, loves and breathes cycling. Amongst many of his endurance feats, he has cycled across Britain twice. Seriously, the man loves cycling.
This weekend, we are taking our children around the Isle of Wight..on our bikes! We have dubbed this three day holiday the 'Tour de Wight' and Paul has plotted a route which takes us from the ferry to a hotel for the first night, from that hotel to a hostel for the second night, and back down to the ferry on the third day. A total of 70 miles.
We are completely self sufficient, with Paul pulling a bike trailer - he has been very strict re weight. Everyone has one set of padded shorts, jersey, trainers and helmet to ride in. In the trailer there are two inner tubes for each bike and the trailer itself. Everyone has their own plastic bag with one complete change of clothes for the evening, a jumper, 3 lots of underwear, a swimsuit and a pair of shoes. There is universal suncream, medicines, wash kit and phone chargers. Wet weather jackets, bike locks and a track pump are bungee strapped to the outside.
I am pulling Niamh, our youngest (she is 5) on a tag a long bike, and our two 'bigs' Lochlan (9yrs old) and Brenna (known as Bebe who is 8) are on their own bikes.
We are that family!! We have matching cycle jerseys!!
Can't wait to update you on our exploits this weekend, have a good one Jeffers xxx

Testing out the trainers

Yesterday Vik and I took four of our five children, together with two of their friends, to the beach at Hill head. (Our fifth child was at a play scheme, we didn't abandon him promise!).
The children took their scooters so we could try out our new trainers with a jaunty little 5K seaside run.
Very pleased to report that the trainers and custom insoles are dreamy!

Tuesday, August 9, 2016


Welcome Effers and Jeffers! I am loving my use of that pun here. 'Effing' because My husband would say I have a mouth like a sailor, and I would agree that I do swear to much. And 'Jeffing' because it is an actual running term used to describe a mix of run/walk/run to enable you to go further distances. 

This is that awkward first post where I introduce us and big up our plans.. Welcome!
And here I am. Hi! I am Sarah, the primary narrator here. I am 36 years old, married with three children. I'm a part-time barista, potter and more recently, glass fuser! Cycling has always been my thing, the longest ride I've ever done being 66 miles. Cycling lead me to triathlon, and so swimming and running. I used to update another blog (see here) where you can read all about those exploits. Following some back surgery and a three year recuperation period (both physically and mentally), I'm coming back with a bang!

Meet Vikki. My partner in crime. She's a 35 year old badass. She's my bestie, my person, the one my husband has to share me with. Vikki has a boyfriend, two children and two step-children, she sits on the committee at our local pre-school and works for Fatface as a Crew Visual Merchandiser. This year she smashed the Southampton 10k running for 'Autism Hampshire'. a charity close to her (our!) heart. For more info on her Autism ties see her amazing facebook page B Proof:our life with autism

We've chosen 'Race to the Stones' as our event for a number of reasons (most of them foolish). Firstly, why train to do a marathon, when you can do an ultra! Its 100k over two days, starting in High Wycombe, ending at Stonehenge. There are tents involved - love a good campout. Its a personal goal for both of us (more on that to come). Its a year away and a goal that feels appropriate. I can't wait to get my teeth into a fitness goal!
So armed with new, gait analysed, technical trainers complete with 100% customised insoles, we are ready to start. I think its going to be quite a journey. Pun totally intended.