Tuesday, August 9, 2016


Welcome Effers and Jeffers! I am loving my use of that pun here. 'Effing' because My husband would say I have a mouth like a sailor, and I would agree that I do swear to much. And 'Jeffing' because it is an actual running term used to describe a mix of run/walk/run to enable you to go further distances. 

This is that awkward first post where I introduce us and big up our plans.. Welcome!
And here I am. Hi! I am Sarah, the primary narrator here. I am 36 years old, married with three children. I'm a part-time barista, potter and more recently, glass fuser! Cycling has always been my thing, the longest ride I've ever done being 66 miles. Cycling lead me to triathlon, and so swimming and running. I used to update another blog (see here) where you can read all about those exploits. Following some back surgery and a three year recuperation period (both physically and mentally), I'm coming back with a bang!

Meet Vikki. My partner in crime. She's a 35 year old badass. She's my bestie, my person, the one my husband has to share me with. Vikki has a boyfriend, two children and two step-children, she sits on the committee at our local pre-school and works for Fatface as a Crew Visual Merchandiser. This year she smashed the Southampton 10k running for 'Autism Hampshire'. a charity close to her (our!) heart. For more info on her Autism ties see her amazing facebook page B Proof:our life with autism

We've chosen 'Race to the Stones' as our event for a number of reasons (most of them foolish). Firstly, why train to do a marathon, when you can do an ultra! Its 100k over two days, starting in High Wycombe, ending at Stonehenge. There are tents involved - love a good campout. Its a personal goal for both of us (more on that to come). Its a year away and a goal that feels appropriate. I can't wait to get my teeth into a fitness goal!
So armed with new, gait analysed, technical trainers complete with 100% customised insoles, we are ready to start. I think its going to be quite a journey. Pun totally intended.

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